La Galerie (working title) is a public art collection on a country road, complementing the breathtaking beauty of the Gatineau Hills. Artwork on farms and their buildings will start on chemin Shouldice in La Pêche, just outside Wakefield, Québec and then La Galerie will connect by way of this stunning route along des Erables and de Beurrerie to the town of Masham.

ArtiCulture (, will create La Galerie to embrace the natural beauty, reimagine our farms, and celebrate the arts in La Pêche. It will be an ambitious celebration of who we are, and create a new tourist landmark for the Outaouais region.

La Galerie: Art in Nature.

A country Ride through an Art Collection

What is it you can do?

This project requires significant funding. We are at work to raise revenue from the various levels of government. We have the support of the Mayor of La Pêche. And we need your support. Climb on board on the exciting early stages of this great endeavour. Feel the satisfaction of being part of a great artistic landmark.

Donor Levels

Good Friend  $50+

Website promotion for one full year, showcasing your contribution as a proud partner of the visual arts in your community

Helper $200+

Website promotion on the website for one full year, active promotion through our social media for the full year, showcasing your contribution as a partner of the visual arts in your community

Initiative Partner $500+

Prime website promotion for one full year, high visibility in all of our social media promotion for one year and any communications, showcasing your contribution as a partner of the visual arts in your community.

Vision Partner $750+

Prime website promotion as well as important credit in our promotional material for one full year, high visibility in all of our social media promotion, guided visits to the sites in La Galerie, is as well as communications and special recognition at our opening.


Canadian artists—creators of stunning public artworkfrom Toronto to India to Kinngait (Cape Dorset, Nunavut)—will research, respond to, and create artwork for La Galerie. Alexa Hatanaka (Toronto) and Patrick Thompson (Chelsea native)—collectively known as PA System—together create artwork in a variety of media: painting, scultpure, textile, printmaking, and video. Their ongoing project, Embassy of Imagination, based in Kinngait, mentors and engages community youth in contemporary art practice, including public murals in Canada’s urban centres, including the St. Laurent OC Transpo Station and in the ByWard Market in Ottawa, Ontario. PA System exhibits in institutions internationally, including Canada House in London, UK; the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain; and the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto.


Initial project design and feasibility for La Galerie has begun: the owners of the farms have agreed to the general project specs.

The artists describe the creative process and the result as follows: “concepts and visuals will come from dedicated time in the community, in the environment, at the barns.Things to consider: deep time, history of place, current community, future, values, intentions of community, natural world including microscopic, local stories, movement of light, rhythms and shapes naturally occurring, rhythms and shapes made by residents.”

The artistic creation will begin with a six-week residency in the fall of 2019 at Place des Artistes, Farrellton (PAF), QC, where the two artists will research, explore concepts and structural designs. Members of the local artistic community will be invited to participate in that exploration and to provide insights about the area.

In the spring of 2020 the artists will return to La Pêche and spend two months developing the work specific to each farm. The project will culminate with the installation of work along the route. A launch celebration will follow in the summer of 2020, along with community art events at the various locations.

Imagine, on a tour of southwest Québec, a drive, bike ride, or a hike north of Wakefield, up chemin Shouldice and west to Masham, passing the picturesque farms and landscapes on your way north. As you approach a farm, you notice on one of its buildings a stunning large scale art piece. It illuminates something special about the area, its characteristics, its history and that which lies behind what we can see. As you you continue your journey, you encounter more artworks. What is the narrative that unfolds?


ArtiCulture is actively seeking sponsors. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

View along chemin Shouldice, Photo Julie Le Gal

Temporary sculpture installed at Burl's Creek during the Wayhome Festival, 2015,

Photo Jeff Bierk

Barn along chemin Shouldice, Photo Julie Le Gal

Detail: temporary sculpture installed at Burl's Creek during  Wayhome Festival, 2015,

Photo Jeff Bierk

ArtiCulture is lucky to have the support of Achillea Endeavours who receives our donations and issues tax receipts for you!

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